Friday, March 30, 2012

Threading Beads Fine Motor Activity

I made a little beading activity for the kids using various plastic, foam, and felt beads and buttons.  They set to work right away and had such a good time making their own necklaces...
They used a lot of fine motor skills, and I was so proud of how nicely they concentrated on the tasks.  Previously when I'd brought out beading/stringing activities they were not that interested and I ended up being the only one making necklaces, but I think this time the bucket of colorful plastic beads that I recently got from the craft store really held their interest.

I mentioned that Oma makes and wears beautiful necklaces (their grandma is a very talented jewelery designer), and the rest of the time they kept saying "Look, I'm Oma making a beautiful necklace!". 

The best part was admiring their work in the mirror:

Since they were so enthralled with the beads, I decided to continue the fine-motor-skills practice by letting them make bead patterns on a pegboard and a strip of contact paper:

We had so much fun with the beads for a large portion of the afternoon.  I'm secretly very happy that the girls enjoyed this activity because I absolutely loved stringing beads when I was a little girl (and still do!), so I'm glad this is something I can share with my own children.

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