Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cooking with Kids: Deviled Eggs

For our weekly Cooking Day this week, we made deviled eggs.  The process is a lot of fun and uses some wonderful Montessori practical life skills...

First the kids peeled the hard-boiled eggs:

They surprised me by doing such a wonderful job with the egg-peeling.  Then I cut the eggs in two and asked them to take the yolks out (this was a good opportunity to talk about the parts of an egg):

The next step was mashing the yolk with some mayonnaise:

Then they scooped the filling back into the 'boats', and topped with olives:

Here is L's final result:

OK, so I won't be hiring the kids to cater my next party anytime soon, but they had a really good time making these.  L tried the deviled eggs and declared that they were 'yucky', so my secret plan of getting them to eat eggs failed miserably.  I ended up splitting what was left with the dogs, who had no complaints at all.

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