Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phonics Jumping Game (with Video!)

This morning the girls (37 months) helped me use painters tape to make letters on the floor.  Then we played a phonics reading (and jumping!) game that I made up.  It was so much fun that we ended up playing for over an hour and L forgot that she was on a reading-strike!  I even caught one of the rounds on video.  Here's how to play...

I wrote and cut out a bunch of words this morning (mostly CVC words).  The pic above is just a small sample, I made at least 30 words, but it didn't take too long and I'm going to reuse them for our other games.

To play, we turned the words over and the girls (and Mom) took turns picking a word:

For each turn, the player that picked the word had to sound it out and then jump on the letters in order.  I usually called out the phonetic sounds of each letter in order as they jumped, but older kids could be invited to remember the order of the letters themselves by sounding out the word slowly as they jump.

The kids really enjoyed watching me jump on the letters for my turn, too.

If you want a peek into what playing some of these learning games is like in our household, I made a little video...

It's pretty typical that not everything goes smoothly, and often the toys and stuffed animals end up playing too.  We just go with the flow and have fun....

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  1. Thats a really nice game. We do jumping games sometimes with my 3.5 year old... but the idea of an alphabet jumping and jumping across to differnt letters in a word is pretty cool. Something for before school play.


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