Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making Bagels (i.e. playing with dough)

A couple days ago I made gluten-free bagels (from Pamela's mix).  Since the recipe didn't require any eggs (I don't like the kids touching raw eggs because of Salmonella), I could let the twins help me out.

After helping me measure and combine all the ingredients, the girls went straight to work kneading and forming the dough into various shapes.
E enjoyed rolling balls, and L made a snowman:

And what about the bagels, you ask?  Well originally I thought I'd include the kids in the entire bagel-making process, like poking the holes in the bagels, helping me fish them out of the boiling water, etc.. But then I decided that playing with the dough was plenty of fun, and finished making them myself.  Next time I think we'll use the same recipe to make soft pretzels, and the kids can help me roll them out and shape them.

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