Thursday, April 23, 2015

Math Game {Sums of Ten}

Here's a fun math game to make with leftover plastic Easter eggs.  I've seen Easter egg activities for Preschool-age kids (matching capital letters with lower case letters, for example), so I thought I'd make a game for my 1st graders.. making sums of ten...

The twins (age 5.5) have been working on memorizing addition facts.  Since we were working on memorizing different ways to make the sum of ten at the time, I thought I'd make a game out of it.  I used a permanent marker to write numbers of plastic Easter eggs and the girls had to combine them to make sums of ten.  To make it more fun, we kept changing up the rules.  Sometimes the kids had to hunt for the egg pieces before putting them together.. sometimes I set a kitchen timer to see how many they could get correct in a certain amount of time..  and once I even gave them chocolate chips for each correct response.  Super easy fun!

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