Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tot School 24 Months {Yes, My baby is 2!!}

I'm still in shock that my little dude is 2 years old!  My tiny helpless baby has turned into such a sweet, amazing, and independent toddler.  I've been having a great time playing alongside him and watching him learn and grow in leaps and bounds.  Here are some of the activities we've been enjoying together lately during our Tot School sessions..

H is really good with pattern recognition and can complete a pattern on his own.  We use all sorts of math manipulatives to make repeating patterns (and not just limited to ABAB).  I love that he's talking earlier than my twins were because he can name the colors himself and "hear" the pattern.

I've started letting H help me with cooking.  In this picture, he's making pudding (and getting lots of fine motor skills practice!).  

I find that I spend more time prepping Kindergarten activities for H's older sisters than making his Tot Trays, so instead of lots of homemade games, we end up working on puzzles on a daily basis.

I recently introduced H to magnetic Tangrams.  This is definitely a visual discrimination challenge for him as he needs to identify the correct size and orientation for the different triangles.

H has also been doing a lot of artwork lately.  Painting has become a new favorite activity before bathtime.

The twins have been leaving their scissors lying around the house, and H loves to teach them a lesson by cutting up their artwork!

We've also been enjoying some nice warm days before the snow starts later this month.

H's early literacy skills have improved the most this month.  He can now identify the beginning letter sound for many words and can blend CVC words (I say H-E-N, and he says HEN, and for some of the words, he's sounding out each letter sound himself and then blending them).  I don't remember the twins being able to do this until between 2.5 and 3 years old, so I'm guessing he'll be an even earlier reader than they were.  The most important thing is that H absolutely loves reading and learning, and I get immense joy just watching him soak everything up.

H is so much fun to be around.  He has a great sense of humor, and is a sweet little cuddle-bug and spontaneous hugger.  The only downside of his emerging independence is when he yells "Stop singing, Mommy!"..

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