Friday, October 4, 2013

Draw Write Now Review

My 4 year old twins are little artists, and in the search for drawing books for them I ran across the Draw Write Now series and bought the 1st (farm animals) and 8th (land animals) books for the girls.  My kids have been enjoying learning to draw animals using this program so much that I felt compelled to write a review..

The concept behind the Draw Write Now series is simple - each section includes step by step instructions for drawing an animal with an example of a completed picture along with simple sentences to copy.  We are currently just working on the drawing part, and will add the copy-work handwriting component once the girls have mastered their lowercase letters (we're currently doing Handwriting Without Tears for letter practice). 


The results have been amazing!  Draw Write Now does a great job of breaking down each drawing into steps that include easy shapes and lines and that children can draw with limited frustration.  I also like how, even though they are following the instructions, each child's artwork turns out unique and can still reflect their personalities.


Drawing has become a fun part of our Homeschool Kindergarten week.  I love the level of concentration the kids put into their drawings.  They are also using lots of cognitive skills as they identify shapes, compare proportions, and study perspective.

I've seen both girls (but especially E) incorporate the drawing techniques they are learning into their own free-form art projects.

 Overall, I'd highly recommend the Draw Right Now book series for anyone with kids who love to draw - it's a wonderful program for developing focus and pencil skills.  It's also a great starting point for discussions about animals and an opportunity for children to create realistic masterpieces they will be proud of.

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