Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Free Printable Worksheet for Pre-K through 2nd Grade

During our study of Ancient Egypt last month (for Story of the World), I had a hard time finding activities for learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs that were appropriate for my 4 year-olds.  After a lot of searching, I decided to just make my own worksheet, which I'm sharing with Learners In Bloom readers for free at:  Egyptian Hieroglyphs Printable Worksheet for Little Kids .  Here's what's included..

The worksheet has three sections that (in my opinion) are just right for kids that are just starting to work on handwriting skills.  The first section has some simple hieroglyphs for kids to draw, the second has secret (CVC) words for them to decode, and the final section lets the students write basic words in hieroglyphs. 

My twins had a great time with these worksheets.  We extended the lesson by attempting to write their names in hieroglyphs.  Their favorite part was decoding the "secret words", which also happens to be a wonderful brain challenge (used on some IQ tests).  Later this month, we are going to do a detective unit that will include more decoding activities (which I'll share on this blog).

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I have a 7-year old who is interested in ancient Egypt. These sheets give me some activity ideas!


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