Saturday, August 11, 2012

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum - 2012 / 2013 School Year

I realize that Preschoolers don't really need a "homeschool curriculum" - they just need to play and explore the world!  That's exactly what we're going to do this year.  The curriculum is really just for me to organize fun activities and games in a well-rounded fashion.  I figure that if my twins (just turned three) are receptive to activities that teach Kindergarten-level skills, why not go for it?  I always follow their lead and never force them to complete anything.  Here's our 'curriculum':

Practical Life / Motor Skills
-All sorts of fine and gross-motor skill games I can come up with based on whatever they show interest in
-Cooking and baking
-Helping out around the house (sweeping, washing windows, folding laundry are all favorite activities!)

Dramatic Play
-Puppets, costumes
-Reciting and acting out nursery rhymes
-Songs with finger-plays
-Set up dramatic play scenarios: grocery store, doctor's office, etc..

Reading/Language Arts
-Read lots of books to them, including longer chapter-books
-Writing (and illustrating) our own stories
-Phonics approach from Teach Your Child to Read in Just 10 Minutes a Day by Sidney Ledson, using lots of engaging games and activities which I make up, build from file-folder games, or find on Pinterest.
-Hooked on Phonics (to reinforce word families)
-(Note: Still debating whether to do Reading Eggs, or whether the repetition of letter sounds will be too easy/boring for them since they've already got a good mastery)

Writing/Pencil Control
 -Letter writing using a variety of mediums

-Rightstart Math Level A
-Homemade games and activities with various manipulatives
-My own educational online math games (in progress)
-Sequencing tasks
-Lots of puzzles, spatial-reasoning play (building with blocks, making shapes out of objects, etc..)
-Calendar, time telling, money

-Experiments from Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding and Science in Seconds
-Nature walks

 History / Geography
-History of the World: Ancient Times with related activities

-Different cultural activities in our area

-Kinderbach CDs (learn to play piano)
-Dancing around, playing instruments, listening to music, etc..

-Structured crafts
-Unstructured art experiences with different mediums

Foreign Language
-Books/music/dvds in French, Hebrew, and maybe Spanish

-PBS Kids Play educational games
-Assorted DVDs and shows on Netflix (Super Why, Go Diego Go, and Calliou are favorites)
-Trips to explore museums, festivals, parks, etc..
-Storytimes at the library
-Dance, gymnastics, and swimming lessons
-Kindergarten-level workbooks if the girls are interested

Right now I'm thinking our day won't have dedicated 'school time' - I'll just plan out a couple of 'learning games' each day, so when the girls come to me and say they want to do "activities", I won't have to scramble to come up with something.  Of course there will also be plenty of unstructured time for L and E to play with each other and make up their own games.  

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  1. I think preschooling your child is as fun as you make it. Way not explore and learn at the same time. A college professor of mind always used to say, "Interest precedes learning" Children are the same way!

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