Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paper Cup Stacking

Sometimes the best toys are the least expensive ones.  The other day, E (3 years old) spent the entire morning (yes, multiple hours) stacking paper cups...

First I showed the girls how to stack the paper cups on top of each other to make a tower.  Then I made a small pyramid to see if they could duplicate it:

E asked me to show her how to do it.  After some basic instruction, and a demonstration of how she could make her pyramid even larger, she was off.  She kept stacking and stacking...

... until she'd made a gigantic stack!  E worked with such precision and patience, that I was very impressed.  She was extremely proud of her accomplishment and her entire face beamed with joy.  When her sister ran into the table with her tricycle and E's masterpiece toppled over, I thought we were in for a meltdown.  To my surprise, however, E picked up the cups and started building again.. and again.. and again.  As I mentioned, this occupied her for the entire morning.  She even tried some new configurations all at her own initiative:

I'm so proud of E's patience and determination at this task!

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