Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back from Vacation

We've come back from a much-needed vacation to my in-laws' house.  Their internet is slower than dial-up (yes, that's possible!), so no blogging for me.  It was nice to spend time without being glued to my computer, to catch up on sleep, and to get time alone with my husband while grandma watched the kids.  The girls did amazingly well considering that it was a new environment and they only had about 3 toys to play with for over a week.  Baby H let so many new people hold him and even smiled and giggled at them (at the same age, his sisters had a bad case of 'stranger danger' and would scream whenever someone new even said hi to them).  We visited a Children's Museum, swam in a zero-entry pool for kids, went for many walks, fed baby goats, and had lots of great family fun. 

I am now officially done working at my job!...

I feel a big weight off my shoulders now that I don't have the stress of working a full-time job while at home.  The last two days since we've been back, I've finally been able to start catching up on a gazillion errands.  Yesterday after running to the post office, I took all three kids to a playground with fountains and a river for splashing in and then to the library.  Today, I took them to Kids Nature Hour at a local state park where they learned about ladybugs, painted rocks, and went on a nature walk.  I would take the kids out to do things when I was working, too, but it always had to be timed around conference calls, and I would have to rush home to check email and make sure there were no work-related emergencies.  It's great to be able to give the kids more of my undivided attention.

This week I'm going to let all of us re-adjust to being home, and then next week I'll start getting on more of a schedule with the kids for preschool homeschool.  I should be able to blog daily now without work getting in the way.

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