Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cooking with Kids: Process not Perfection

The girls and I made banana bread the other night as an early Fathers Day present for their dad.  Now that I've left my job, I feel a lot less stressed in general, and I had a really good time just observing how much the kids enjoy the process of creating something new..

We sang the Wiggles' verse about mashed bananas as we mashed our ripe bananas (I think the song is called "Hot Potato"). 

I asked E to pull the paper wrapper off the butter and she did a great job - it took about 10 times longer than if I had done it, but I love when I remember to let her do these types of little things that we adults don't even think about but are such a challenge for little hands:

The girls took turns measuring ingredients and pouring them into the bowl:

We took the time to smell the vanilla extract and the cinnamon and to taste the salt and sugar.  When E spilled half a cup of flour on the table, I let the kids play with it:

They liked the way the flour felt between their fingers.  They drew pictures with the flour.  They made little mounds of it.  They threw it in the air and laughed when the dogs licked it off the floor.  I was having such a great time watching the kids exploring and enjoying themselves that I didn't notice that it was way past their bedtime and my kitchen was a big mess. 

The banana bread turned out so delicious that I didn't have a chance to take a picture before it was half eaten.  The girls were extremely proud of it.  Today E said "Momma, remember when we made banana bread for Daddy?  That was so much fun!". 

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