Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Sun-Catchers

The kids and I made flower sun-catchers this morning.  We've used this contact-paper / tissue technique for other projects before, but this is the first time I made hanging art this way.  They really turned out beautiful, especially in the light (the photos I got just didn't quite capture how cool these look).

First we tore up some colored tissue paper and stuck them to clear contact sheets (we use Avery self-laminating sheets):

Once the contact paper was completely covered, I cut out flower shapes from the tissue-covered sheet as well as another contact sheet that had not yet been peeled:

Next I took a piece of thread (I used dental floss, but a piece of sewing thread would look more professional), threaded some colorful beads on the end, and placed it down the center of the flowers:

Then I stuck the other pieces of contact paper on top, tied the end to a straw (you can use a crafts stick, dowel, clothes hanger, etc..).

The kids loved dancing with these and looking at all the colors in the sunlight:

There is still snow on the ground outside, so maybe this craft will bring springtime along with it....

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