Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foiled Again!

We've been playing around with aluminum foil as a medium lately.  I still haven't quite pinpointed that perfect kids' project with foil yet, but I'd like to share three of our experiments nonetheless.

We tried some coin-rubbings (with foil) last weekend (tape coins on paper, tape foil on top, use rolling pin and fingers to create circular impressions) :

The girls enjoyed seeing the circles appear in the foil.

There's a Montessori activity which involves poking holes in a paper with a pin.  I'm not quite comfortable letting the girls play with sharp thumbtacks yet, so I tried creating a similar experience with foil and cocktail forks / plastic toothpicks.  I taped the foil to one of those mats that you use to line kitchen or bathroom shelves, which allowed the girls to 'draw' on the foil and poke holes in it without ripping it to shreds:

We basically just played around using different 'tools' to make patterns in the foil.  Then we used markers to draw lines and shapes that we traced with tiny holes.  The effect was pretty neat and the girls enjoyed looking at the light peek through the holes in the foil.

Finally, who doesn't like a little 'bling' in their wardrobe?  We tore up our foil masterpiece (above) and wrapped the pieces around pipecleaners to make shiny bracelets:

I'll have to scan Pinterest for more ideas for playing with aluminum foil.


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  1. I loved the foil activities. So easy. I gave Hannah (2.5) a jumbo pin for an activity earlier this month. Super nervous she would prick herself but she didn't she was very careful. I have heard toothpicks work well too.


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