Saturday, March 3, 2012

Moments to Remember

Here are some of the special moments I want to remember for the week (at least the ones that don't seem to fit into any other category)...

Moment 1: When I danced with Baby H a little too much and he had massive projectile vomiting... all over one of our dogs!  It was especially hilarious because this is the dog that is constantly following me around and is also a bit afraid of the kids.  She freaked out and ran out the dog door.  When she finally came in, I had to wash her face, which was completely covered in baby spit-up.  I notice that now she keeps her distance when I'm holding the baby...

Moment 2: When I was trying to eat dinner while kids were playing, and every time I turned around I saw E at the bathroom sink, presumably washing her hands.  Only when I was done eating and got up to investigate did I find a trail of water running from the bathroom to the kids' table in the living room...  They were filling up bowls and other containers and giving their plastic toys a bath!

Moment 3: When I was helping the kids clean up their room, and E asked her sister where something goes.  L responded: "It's called problem solving.  You have to use your brain and figure it out."  (Do I really sound like that??)


  1. Somehow it's not as flattering when they say the things we say, is it? I have been there! My boys are always trying to use water, too. Sweet memories! :)

  2. Problem Solving! Well, at least she was right!


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