Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Pizza) Pi Day

Since I'm a math-geek, I had to take some time away from my work today to celebrate Pi Day (3/14) with the kids.  First the twins used dot-paints to put toppings on their paper-plate pizzas:

We turned it into a dramatic play activity with a pizza box that was lying around (excuse the grease spots!).  E and I put together a 'house', and then we would call up the pizza parlor (L on the couch) to order a pizza (the girls loved pretending to talk to each other on the phone).  L would then drive the pizza over to our house for delivery, where we shared the pizza - yum!

The girls played 'pizza delivery' over and over and over. L noticed that it was hard to share the pizza, so I got her some scissors and she cut it in half to share with her sister:

For the 'pi' part of the lesson, I showed the girls how to take yarn and measure the diameter and circumference of our pizza and then compare them (yep - the circumference was approximately three times the diameter):

I had other math-related activities planned, but the kids were fascinated by the yarn, so we ended up doing some free exploration with the yarn instead.

Happy Pi Day!


  1. I love your blog! I also do homeschool preschool with my 3.5 year old boy. My b/g twins are 17 mo old.

  2. What wonderful ideas!! 2.5 year old twins and a baby - impressive. Such creative, fun activities though. I am all about celebrating holidays (big and small) and wish I would have found your blog earlier (I am not a big fan of pie but pizza - great idea!) Mindy @ DenSchool |


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