Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homeschool Week in Review

L and E are 31 months old.

Here are some random photos of the activities we've been doing (these are actually from the past 2 weeks since I didn't post last week).


We explored triangles with the geoboards this week.  The girls' fine motor skills are really improving.  L made triangles with relative ease, and E impressed me with the 'Christmas Tree' she made (I showed her how to make the first two triangles and then while my back was turned she added the other two!).


We continued a number of phonics activities with our -at and -an word families.  The progress has been slow, so we'll keep going with these words until the kids demonstrate a mastery of these word families (I imagine after they really get this concept the rest of the word families will go faster, but there's really no rush since they're only 2.5).

Practical Life:

One day when I was putting Baby H in his room for a nap, I came back to find the girls playing with the spray-bottle (full of water, not chemicals, thankfully).  Instead of spraying water all over the floor, I put the kids to work cleaning the windows:

This has become one of the kids' favorite activities.  Now that they know how to use a spray-bottle, I'd like to do a spray-art activity for them with small spray-bottles and food-coloring.

Sensory/Dramatic Play:

The kids enjoyed making cupcakes and cookies out of playdough:

The kids spent many many hours playing with their sand and water tables this week (the weather was gorgeous!).  I think they played with them 2 hours a day almost every day.  I didn't take pictures, so here's one from the previous week before the weather warmed up:


These are some of my favorite pictures from this week.

I know my mess-averse husband would disagree, but I think this is exactly what preschool art experiences should be like!

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