Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shape Sorting Game

Activities seem to be more fun when they're done on a larger scale.  Since the girls (31 months) have been pretty bored with sorting by shape and color (they had it mastered around 18 months old), I thought I'd change it around by making it into a new game.  First I put some painter's tape on the floor in four different shapes.  Then I made shape cards for the photo dice, and brought out the tub of linking shapes:

The original concept of the game was to roll the die, and then place the corresponding shape in the correct area.  Of course, the kids and I decided to make up some new games, as well.  Like jumping in and over the shapes.

At first the girls were a lot more interested in other uses for the shapes:

(of course choosing only the yellow circles to feed to L's bears or make into rings on E's finger is sorting too!).  Then after seeing me fill in the shapes, they took an interest in it, too.

E was very proud when she filled in the circle all by herself.

Then we did a quick lesson on measuring the Area and Perimeter of rectangles:

(we also put the squares around the perimeter of the rectangles, but I forgot to take a photo)

We used the broom to sweep up the shapes when we were done.  Taking the tape off the floor was enjoyable too.  We put the tape into a big sticky ball and then threw it around.  I also put pieces of blue tape on their noses and they laughed and laughed. 

UPDATE: I was so inspired by how much my kids enjoyed early learning games that I created the La La Logic Critical Thinking Curriculum for 3-6 year olds, which includes online brain challenge games, printable worksheets, enrichment activities and more!


  1. Where did you get the linking shapes? Those are cool!

  2. Great game and learning activities here! I love the linking shapes.

  3. Love the active learning that your kids are engaged wtih. I am pinning this to my Math Play board on Pinterest.

  4. I found your blog via the Math Teachers at Play Blog carnival. I love tape! I've shared this over at the Math in Your Feet facebook page, Thanks! :-)


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