Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Art Gone Wrong

I think I can start an entire series called Art Gone Wrong.  Today's brilliant idea was to create textured paint by adding some paper pulp (from a papermaking technique) to paint.

The plan was to soak pieces of construction paper in water, then stick them in the blender to make a texture that could be added to paint to give it a more interesting 3D effect.  Step 1 - check!:

When I was ready for the blender phase, I realized that our blender was broken (just in time for Baby H to start solid food next month, too!).  So I decided that instead of making paper pulp, I'd add a couple more interesting textures and move forward with the textured paint idea.  So I added a couple more things... and by a couple more textural elements I mean everything I could get my hands on from salt to rice to plastic straws to felt to ribbons... yeah.. I tend to overdo things...

Little did I realize that this was the prettiest it was going to get.  I added the blue paint and glue:

I was hoping that all the different colors and textures would peak through the paint and look really cool... we would make unique three-dimensional sculptures right on our paper - modern works of art...

First the girls and I learned that the 'textured paint' could only be applied with our hands.. and then we learned that it doesn't really stick to the paper unless you dollop the paper with more glue first (and by dollop, I mean pour out the entire bottle).  Finally we learned that it really doesn't end up looking that cool or interesting - even a last ditch effort to add glitter glue didn't save our sorry artwork.

The girls sure had fun with this activity, but unfortunately I don't have a beautiful masterpiece to show off on my blog (and be adored and admired for my ingenuity and creativity).  Instead, this was the result:

There are lots of things in this world that sound good in theory, but don't quite work out when you give them a try... The solution?  Keep trying!  Plus I'd choose messy hugs from my paint-covered kids over a perfect masterpiece any day...

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  1. I tried once to make purple playdough with my 4-year-old class by combining red and blue food coloring. I don't know why, but it came out the ugliest gray muddy color you ever saw! But the consistency was really good, and after a few "eeewwww" comments (mostly from me) the kids went on to enjoy using that ugly stuff until we wore it out! I guess beauty is in the eye of the sculptor...


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