Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elementary Color Theory in Kindergarten

The kids have wanted to paint every day this week, so I decided to throw in some activities to allow them to learn more about color mixing...


First, the girls created their own color books (to practice their handwriting/spelling).  They enjoyed sticking colored jewels on each page of their books.

Since pink is the twins' favorite color, we did an experiment to learn how to make a lighter tint of pink by adding more and more white to red.

After reading the picture book Mouse Paint, we completed some of the Elementary Color Theory packet (free download from here).  We discussed the difference between primary colors and secondary colors, and the girls have a pretty good mastery of how to produce each of the secondary colors through color mixing.

Finally, the kids had a chance to do their own color mixing experiments.  It was interesting to see them using problem solving skills.. for example, L asked what would happen if she mixed pink and light blue and then hypothesized that since pink is a light red, it would make light purple.  Lots of fun!

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