Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tot School - 23 Months

Baby H will be a 2-year-old in less than a month!  He is such a fun little kid to play with and I find great joy in our special Tot School time when I can interact with him one-on-one.  Here are some of the learning activities he's been enjoying this month...

H finally can get two puzzle pieces connected with minimal frustration, so he looks forward to daily puzzles.

I hardly ever buy H new toys because he has tons of hand-me-downs from his sisters, but I went ahead and go this word-picture match puzzle set for him because he is really interested in letters and words.  Boy does he love it!  He can already match up a handful of the words by himself, and has even asked to take the puzzle pieces to bed with him a couple times!

This kid LOVES books (it must run in the family!).  I think the second most common phrase out of his mouth these days (after "my turn") is "read a book".

It's nice to have two emerging readers in the house who can entertain their little brother when I'm busy.

I don't want H to end up being one of those kids who is afraid of getting messy (he says "yuck" a lot when he gets dirty), so I've been trying to give him all sorts of sensory experiences like playing with slimy spaghetti.  He was reluctant to touch it at first, but then really got into making different patterns with his spaghetti.

When Mommy isn't forcing him to get messy, H enjoys sweeping the house..

Sensory activities are still a favorite for H.  I need to get out our chopsticks so he can be further challenged.

H was beyond excited to play with real apples this week.  In the above picture he's taking the stickers off the apples.  We also spent a lot of time counting them (this boy loves numbers and can already count to 20).

I set up a little apple scrubbing station for H, which he loved.

I've been pulling out various math manipulatives and letting him explore geometry and number concepts.

By far the most popular activity of the week was helping me crush cereal for a recipe.  H was ecstatic to realize that his hammer could be used for something other than making a lot of noise, destroying furniture, and tormenting his sisters!

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  1. This is great! My son is just a few weeks younger and this was a helpful post...full of some fun ideas we need to try! Thank you! Http://

  2. I found you through Tot School. I am very impressed with your little one and love the activities! Thank you for posting. My Camilla is 22 months old. Birthdays are coming - exciting!


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