Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ancient Egypt Unit: Building a Pyramid

A couple weeks ago, my girls learned about Ancient Egypt in our homeschool Kindergarten.  We read about Egypt in The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer and then added additional books, videos, and hands-on projects for enrichment.  One of the activities we did for this learning unit was to build a pyramid.  L and E worked on their pyramid every day for an entire week, and it turned out great.  Here's the process we went through..

I found a set of Styrofoam construction blocks at a Michael's craft store, and the kids have been having lots of fun with them engineering all sorts of creations.

 For the pyramid, we used a cardboard base and glued down the base layer.  Then after the glue dried, we added another layer, and repeated the process over the course of a couple days..

Both girls worked very patiently and enjoyed the process very much.  While they worked, we talked about the real Pyramids of Giza, how a pharaoh would be buried inside with many treasures and objects for the afterlife, and how grave robbers broke into the Great Pyramid before the archeologists opened it up. 

My kids were very proud of the pyramid they built.  It was a memorable project and definitely made the study of ancient history more of a hands-on experience..

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