Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tapping Syllables

One of our file folder games is a syllable-sorting activity which is just a collection of cards with various pictures, and a little sorting mat to identify whether each word has 1, 2, or 3 syllables.  If I had ink in my printer, I could have created these cards myself (or you could use stickers as well).  To make the activity more fun, I brought out our collection of percussion instruments and we played a bunch of early learning games..

Before introducing the syllable activity, I brought out all the instruments and let the kids explore the different sounds that they make.  We played a couple games:

-We played loud/soft, fast/slow

-We recited "One-Two Buckle My Shoe" and only tapped the instruments on the numbers, the only on the even numbers (this is from RightStart Math A)

-I played a rhythm and invited the kids to imitate it.

-I played a certain number of beats on my drum (from 1-5) and asked the girls to show me how many beats they heard (using their fingers)

-We played the beats (syllables) to everyone's name and counted how many we heard... the girls caught on quickly and this was the introduction to the syllable game.

-We went through the cards and tapped out their syllables.  L was very interested in this activity, but E didn't want to participate.  We didn't get through all the cards, but she enjoyed the game and understood the concept.

Everyone had a good time playing instruments.  Even Baby H had a chance to participate:

 This learning activity ended in a big parade (of course!):

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