Thursday, September 20, 2012

Learning About Frogs

The latest issue of Zootles magazine was about frogs, so the girls (3 years old) and I decided to learn all about frogs and do some extra frog-related activities.  After we read through the magazine, I got on YouTube and showed the girls various videos of frogs eating insects, worms, and even birds.  We found videos of frogs jumping in slow motion, and even male bullfrogs fighting each other.  The girls were fascinated and pretended they were frogs the rest of the day.  Here are some of the other activities we did on the topic..

L and E played with our collection of plastic frogs for 3 days straight.  They sang frog songs, lined them up on their train tracks, and had lots of dramatic play fun.  I even got them to try a little counting game:

I've blogged about this game before - the girls use chopsticks or tweezers to place the correct number of frogs on the logs and lily pads:

We also discussed the frog lifecycle.  I made a photocopy of the page from the magazine that illustrates the life-cycle, and the girls colored the pictures, cut them out, and glued them in the correct order:

L excelled at this task (see pics above).  E had an excellent time cutting and gluing:

I even made my own set, which I laminated so one of the learning activities I'll put in rotation will be to put the frog life-cycle cards in order:
The girls really got into the frog theme so I let them play with their frogs as often as they wanted this week.


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  2. Lovely ideas, we love frogs. xx

    Thanks so much for linking to Science Sparks and sorry for the late comment. xx


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