Monday, April 2, 2012

Jesse Bear Dramatic Play Activity

One of my kids' favorite books is Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom.  I stumbled on this book when researching the Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) literature-based curriculum.  The twins (32 months) ask for "Jesse Bear" repeatedly, and Baby H (6 months) smiles and kicks his legs when I read it out loud.  One of the go-along activities we do for Jesse Bear is to act out the book using dollhouse furniture and Calico Critters Bear Family.  The book goes through a typical day for Jesse Bear in which he does everyday kid things like putting on clothes, playing outside, eating lunch, taking a bath, and going to bed.  The girls love stories where they can relate to the characters.  Check out these pictures of some of the scenes from the book we recreate:

"I wear the sand on my arm and hand."

"Water to float my bubbles and boat."

"Sleep in my eyes and stars in the skies.  Moon on my bed and dreams in my head."

The girls absolutely love playing with their dollhouses.  They make up such wonderful stories and enjoy acting out all the activities that they do every day.  This is totally unrelated to Jesse Bear, but I have to include this picture of E giving her "baby bunny" a bottle:


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