Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairy Rocks

It's always fun painting on something other than paper.  Paint some rocks, add a layer of glitter glue and you've got beautiful sparkly.... Fairy Rocks!
Yesterday I picked up some rocks from our yard and surprised the girls by putting them into their water table to be washed.  This was a fun activity in itself.  The girls loaded up the rocks into their trucks and pails, and had a great time scrubbing them clean. 

When we got inside, we dried the rocks and started painting them:

The paints are some sort of washable kid-paint, but they seemed to work fine.  I tried to show the girls how to paint dots and stripes on the rocks, but they were more interested in the painting process itself (which is fine).  E was disappointed when I told her that we have to leave the paint on the rocks and let it dry, because she wanted to give her baby rocks a bath.

Then today I pulled the rocks back out again, and we added a nice thick coat of glitter glue to them.  My original idea was to use modge podge (diluted glue) and stickers to decorate them, but the girls had other plans.  I have to admit that the result was very cool.  The pictures really don't do a good job of illustrating how neat and sparkly these rocks turned out:

I'm going to let the girls play with the rocks tomorrow, now that they have dried, to make some sort of fairy garden in their sandbox, but these would make awesome paper weights as well. 


  1. We paint rocks too - funny how much the children enjoy doing that.
    Love the layer of glitter on the rocks.
    Visiting from TGIF

  2. What a fun idea! Both of my kids love collecting rocks and painting them. Adding glitter would really up the fun, sparkly factor! Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op Playdate :-)

  3. What a beautiful idea. We will have to try this!


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