Thursday, March 8, 2012

We're Going on a Number Hunt

The other day, E was throwing something away and declared, "There's 'S' in the trash!".  The kids have been spotting letters and numbers everywhere we go.  Since the girls are already proficient in letter recognition, I decided that we would go on a Number Hunt.  I let the kids raid the pantry looking for numbers on packaging.  Some of the numbers were so small that I had to take out magnifying glasses, which added to the fun.  It was wonderful practice spotting the tiny numbers and learning to identify numbers larger than 10.  We also compared quantities - this box has 8, this one has 12, which one has more? 

I cut out some of the numbers from the packages we didn't need, and the kids played with them the rest of the night (excuse the dirty table in the picture, this was right after a painting activity).  We'll have to do a 'Word Hunt' next to practice reading. 

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