Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Left Hand, Right Hand - Homemade Game

The kids helped me make this really easy homemade game for learning the difference between Right and Left.  I used L's hand and a large ink-pad to make stamps of her left and right hands on a large sheet of paper (you could use paint as well, although I imagine that will be messier).  Then I cut out little "L" and "R" cards out of an index card and asked her to figure out which hand she used to make each of the handprints (this wording is important, because if you look at the palm of someone's hand facing you, it will be the mirror image, i.e. opposite hand, from yours).  I wrote 'L' and 'R' on her hands in washable marker to help her remember which was which:

L did a great job with this activity, repeating it several times.  We also played a game where I asked her to touch her left/right ear, eye, knee, foot, etc.. or do different actions with her left/right hand, and she enjoyed this quite a bit too.  I'm not sure she could identify left from right without having the letters written on her hand, but we'll keep practicing.

Of course, I couldn't take out the ink-pad without letting the kids have some free exploration with some animal stamps:

I took out a marker and drew some smiling-faces on some of the fingerprints and handprints on their paper, and L wanted to try too:

Aren't these cute?  L (31 months) made the faces all by herself - she's been making 'realistic' drawings since she was younger than 2 years old.  E tried to make a face but when it didn't turn out, she gave up and decided to build a tower with the stamps instead:

I love how each twin has a different personality, different strengths, and different interests.

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  1. I love twins...mine are teenagers now. And I love this little right hand left hand lesson. So cute! Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!! Hope to see you again sometime!

  2. Great idea! And it can be used in so many ways! Thanks for sharing this!


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