Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There Are Days Like This

Yesterday we learned French.  We took turns catching falling feathers.  We colored (almost) in between the lines.  We squeezed fresh orange juice.  We made animals and furniture out of pattern blocks.  We practiced yoga.

Today... well let's say it was one of those days that didn't go according to the schedule.

It all started with the moonlit snow.  My husband always complains about the fact that I close the shades at night, so I left them open.  The moonlight reflecting off the snow at 2 in the morning was beautiful, but it also confused Baby H.  When he woke up to nurse, he started talking to me and looking around.  He decided that he was up for the day and spent the next 4 hours making a variety of sounds from cooing to laughing to sucking on his fingers to crying (when I closed the shades), so I didn't sleep.

Then he went on a nursing strike.  Every time I'd try to breastfeed him, he would scream (the rest of the time he was smiling and laughing so it wasn't that something was wrong.  By 8am I resorted to feeding him from a bottle (which he only played with), and ended up being late to a meeting with an international client.  As soon as I remembered the meeting, I threw the girls in front of Barney, the baby in his Exersaucer, and ran out of the room hoping that my husband, who was in the living room with the kids, shared my sentiment that the girls should be watched so they don't unintentionally hurt the baby. 

After my morning meeting was over and husband left for work, I had to prepare for my afternoon software demonstration.  H still hadn't had anything to drink since 2am and I was worried.  I gave the girls their doctor-kit and some stuffed animals to operate on and ran back to the other room (with the door open) to check work email and try to get H to nurse.  Success!  H was nursing and all was quiet in the house... a little bit too quiet...  Distressed by the sudden lack of screaming kids, I ran to the living room with H still latched on.  The girls were nowhere to be found.  Thankfully I taught them they need to answer when I call them and they immediately responded before I had a chance to get a full-blown panic-attack... from downstairs!  Their Dad forgot to lock the baby-gate at the top of the stairs when he left, so they went exploring (note - they never do this, so I had reason to freak out).   By this time, H had remembered that he was on a nursing-strike, stopped feeding, and started crying.  The (very sweet) girls came upstairs.  Note to self: never ever leave children unattended.. even for a minute!

Then I entertained all three kids in my bedroom where I could watch them while preparing for my afternoon call... working at home in my pajamas isn't always stress-free!  The girls finally went into their room to play, and baby H fell asleep.  About 30 minutes into my conference call, in the middle of my demo, he woke up screaming.  I assumed he was hungry but wasn't sure if he'd nurse.  Somehow the timing worked out just right that while other people were talking, I was able to press the mute button, pick him up, nurse him (whew!), and then manage to seamlessly continue the demonstration with one hand holding a phone, an elbow holding the baby, and my other hand navigating with the mouse and keyboard for the next 2 hours! 

Let's just say I'm relieved that this day is almost over.  The funny thing is I don't think the kids felt neglected at all - they had a fun time watching videos and playing with each other.  It's just my Mommy-guilt - feeling that I have to fill their day with enriching activities.

Tonight:  the shades will be closed.

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