Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phonics Game With Velcro Letters

I want to share this incredibly easy phonics game / learning tool that I made a couple weeks ago.  You need some craft sticks, a tub of cheap plastic letter tiles and a roll of velcro dots (they are pretty cheap if you buy them in bulk).  I put the velcro dots on the backs of the letter tiles as well as on the craft sticks.  Now the girls can get hands-on practice building C-V-C words.  We have some $1 flashcards from Target that we use to copy words (I either pull out the letter they need or they ask for the letters one at a time - making them all available seems to be too distracting).  I also like to show them how with word families you can just change the first letter to make a new word.  Both girls (30 months old) are really getting the concept that letters are used to sound out words.  Sometimes they pick random letters, put them on the craft sticks and then sound out the "words" they've created.

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