Saturday, February 1, 2014

Half Birthday Party for the Twins

The twins celebrated their half birthdays last weekend.  In L's words: "It's not our real birthday.  It's just a holiday that Mommy made up".  I didn't invite any other kids in fear that their parents would think that celebrating a half-birthday was a little too self-indulgent, so we just kept the day low-key and fun.  Childhood goes by so quickly - why not take the time to celebrate all the little milestones?  Here's how our "party" went...

Instead of a half-cake or cookies cut in half, I opted for a simple snack that the kids could make themselves..  pretzels covered half with melted chocolate chips and the other half with melted peanut butter chips.  The kids made these themselves so they're not the prettiest snack, but they enjoyed them a lot.

Next up was worksheets - because we're homeschoolers and that's how we party around here!  I found a couple of math printables that involved cutting shapes in half, etc..

I also found some art printables where the girls had to complete the other half of the shape.  E especially enjoyed these - we'll have to do them more often..

My personal favorite activity was drawing the other side of a face.  I took a face that I found off the web, cut it in half and glued each half to a new piece of paper so the girls could complete it.  I think the result looks like modern art!

Didn't they turn out cool?

 I found a free printable activity online where you have to match up flower halves.  I took one half of each of the 20+ flowers and hid them all over the house to make a little scavenger hunt.  Then when each girl found a piece she had to match it up to its other half correctly.

Since it's not a party without balloons, I blew up six balloons for the remaining six months until their real birthdays.

The girls did receive some small gifts (let it be noted that my husband strongly objected to this).  My favorite?

Half Magic by Edward Eager, which I can't wait to read aloud to the kids.

Overall it was a really fun half-birthday party - not too over-the-top and even with some learning mixed it.  I can't believe that in 6 months my tiny twins will be 5!

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