Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Felt Fortune Cookies {Chinese New Year or Valentines Day Craft}

Earlier this month I read A Cricket in Times Square aloud to the twins.  In one of the chapters, the main character was invited to a Chinese dinner and was introduced to his first fortune cookie.  The girls and I made these adorable felt fortune cookies to go with the book and our "China" theme for January.  They would make perfect little crafts for both Chinese New Year or Valentines Day!  They were surprisingly simple to make.  Here's how its done..

After comparing a couple online tutorials for felt fortune cookies, I decided on this variation.. The girls helped me trace the outline of large cups onto felt (we only had dark brown, but light brown would be more realistic or pink/red for Valentine's Day). I cut pieces of pipe cleaners and glued them across the circles.  Later I found that much smaller pieces of pipe cleaner would work better so they don't show when the fortune cookie is folded up.

I wrote special messages for my girls on strips of paper.  Then after the glue dried, I placed a message inside each felt circle and folded it up.  You need to fold the circle in half and then pinch the outer edges together.  The pipe cleaner helps the fortune cookies keep their shape and makes them reusable.

The girls were excited to wake up the next morning to their fortune cookie love messages.  The best part is that the felt fortune cookies got added to the kids' fake food toys so they can use them for creative play for their stuffed animal parties.  So much fun!

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