Monday, February 3, 2014

Shoes Theme in Homeschool Kindergarten

One of the days last week, the girls and I worked on learning activities that were all centered around the theme of "shoes".  I had fun putting it all together, and the twins really had a good time with all the activities..

The girls have been working on writing their digits correctly (some of them they still write in "mirror writing") so we can add more math worksheets to our curriculum (without replacing all the hands-on stuff we do with manipulative, of course).  Anyway, I found these cute little mini-books for the rhyme "One Two Buckle My Shoe" from Scholastic, which they enjoyed..

There's just something about making their own little books that kids really love.  They carried these with them all day and read them to all their stuffed animals.

In another Scholastic workbook I found an activity for There Was An Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe where the kids need to lace up a boot by matching the starting sounds to the correct picture.

The kids had a good time with the lacing and it was a great phonics review.

We read the story "The Growing-up Feet" by Beverly Cleary.  They're capable of reading it by themselves but are still a bit resistant to independent reading, so I did about 75% of the reading.

My favorite activity of the day was dumping out all our shoes into the center of the room and challenging the kids to find as many pairs as they can.

Then we practiced counting them (by "2"s of course)!  We also sorted them in different ways:  summer shoes vs. winter shoes,  kid shoes vs. adult shoes, etc..  It was hilarious watching the kids try on all my shoes - the girls were especially attracted to the highest heeled shoes they could find!

The girls also had their first lesson in tying shoes.  I actually had to look up all the tricks and songs for teaching shoe tying to kids online.  They caught on pretty quickly with the traditional way of tying shoes (I tried a couple other techniques and couldn't figure them out myself too well).  Our "shoe day" was a lot of fun.

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