Friday, September 21, 2012

Homeschool Preschool: Week 5

L and E are almost 38 months old.  We seemed to get our groove back this week with our Preschool routine, and fit in lots of fun and educational activities.  I've already shared many of our Preschool activity boxes on this blog, so I'll just include the ones that were new this week...

I switched up our Phonics Blocks Game to use Mega Bloks.  Here, each plastic penguin asks to be put on a specific word (the girls love the 'voices' I gave each penguin).  We also used the penguins for color matching and to make ABAB patterns:

One of the girls' new activity boxes involved matching landmarks to flash cards that I found at Target for $1:

We talked about each of the landmarks, and to put them away, I called out each one out by name and the girls had to find the correct landmark.  They picked up on this fairly easily.

The girls were very excited that there were Egyptian (and Mayan) pyramids included in the set because we've been learning about Ancient Egypt and pyramids.  They used their blocks, Widgets, and Magna-Blocks to make their own pyramids all on their own.  One day I overheard E asking L to play with her and she responded that she was too busy because she was "building Egypt"!

I also introduced the girls to graphing (and probability) with this basic exercise:

Each girl took a turn closing her eyes and picking a pop-pom from the container.  Then she used dot-paints in the correct color to graph how many times each color appeared.

Then we turned it into a cutting activity (these girls love their scissors):

I'm working with the girls on putting numbers in order:

First I had to demonstrate and let them just match up the numbers, but with some verbal instructions (i.e.:"what comes after 2?"), they're starting to get the hang of it.

We did a lot more activities this week, but most of them were repeats of things we've already done, or I didn't capture them on camera.

Here's a neat tower the girls built:

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  1. Loved the penguins and the landmarks. Will definitely do this with my preschooler. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The graphing and probability activity is a great one! What an easy activity to teach that skill.


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