Monday, February 6, 2012

Paper Bag Creative Challenge: Hungry Lion

Today we joined the fun of TinkerLab's Creative Challenge: Create something with a paper bag.  We made paper bag lions with big open mouths that can be fed.  I love art projects that you can play with when they are done!

This was a really easy project.  First we painted paper plates with yellow and orange paint:

Once the paint dried, we glued on googly-eyes, drew on a nose, and cut slits around the paper plate so we could ruffle his mane.  Then I cut holes in both the paper bag and the paper plate for the mouth.  Here are the girls' lions (L's is the one with the orange body and the other one is E's):

Aren't they cute?  Of course, Mommy had to make a lion too (did I mention that I love having kids because I get to play too?).

We looked at some photographs of lions, and practiced marching around the room and roaring.  Then it was feeding time..  What do lions eat?

"The lordly lion longs to sup
On living prey, and chew it up.
Try not to fall within his sight,
Lest he dispatch you, bite by bite."  -Jack Prelutsky (Carnival of the Animals)

I realize this poem is a bit dark for 2-year-olds, but L loves to recite it.

Our lions especially enjoy eating plastic monkeys... with a spoon!

Here's a link to the TinkerLab Paper Bag Challenge.  Be sure to check out all the other creative ideas, too.



  1. Oh my! How cute is this lion!?!?!?!? Love love love!


  2. This is too cute & funny! I repinned it from the challenge board :)

  3. Fun! My kids would love feeding the lion. We're definitely going to make some of these.

  4. Thank you for all the sweet comments - these were so fun to make and play with.

  5. I created something similar with felt paper. Yours is so cute, I love this!


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