Monday, September 26, 2016

Book Club Week 9 {Math and Magic in Wonderland}

Can you believe we're already on Chapter 9 of the book club for the math adventure novel Math and Magic in Wonderland?  Join us this week as we catch thieves, double pennies, and eat mock turtle soup.. yum!

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To Catch a Thief

In Chapter 9, Lulu identifies the deceiving and thieving Slithy Tove using a trick inspired by the story of John Napier's rooster.  You can read the entire story here.

Your Turn to Play:
    Doubling Pennies

    Lulu chose to receive payment from Mrs. Kangaroo by getting a single penny on the first day, two pennies on the second day, four pennies on the third day, and so on (with the number of pennies doubling each day).  Mrs. Kangaroo was unaware of the power of power functions.  We had fun this week counting cereal and seeing how quickly exponents can grow:

    Your Turn to Play:

    Towers of Hanoi

    In Chapter 9, the girls solved the Towers of Hanoi problem with soup bowls.  Lulu demonstrates the solution here:

    Your Turn to Play:

    Full Book Club Schedule

    Here is the Book Club / Math Circle schedule (you can join any time):

     Week of August 1st:
    • Book Club Kick-Off Party!
    • Read Chapter 1: Mrs. Magpie's Manual
    • Alliteration
    • Memorizing digits of Pi
    • Palindromes
    • Calculating your age on other planets
    • Read Chapter 2: Magic Square
    • Making tangrams
    • Acute, obtuse, and right angles
    • Magic squares
    • Adding consecutive numbers using Gauss's trick
    • Read Chapter 3: Secret Codes
    • Word permutations
    • Cartesian coordinates
    • Operations on odd and even numbers 
    • Read Chapter 4: Rabbit Trails
    • Drawing a perfect circle
    • Making a compass
    • Finding the center of a circle
    • Exploring Pi
    • Famous mathematicians who followed rabbit trails
    • Read Chapter 5: Two Worlds Join
    • Mobius strips
    • Fractals
    • Tessellations
    • Read Chapter 6: River Crossing
    • River Crossing Problems
    • Build a boat and explore buoyancy
    • Read Chapter 7: Seven Bridges
    • Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem
    • The power of exponents
    • Word ladders
    • Thales's method for calculating the height of an object
    • Read Chapter 8: Veracity
    • Truth-tellers and liars
    • Finding a fake coin using a balance scale
    • Archimedes buoyancy principle
    • Read Chapter 9: To Catch a Thief
    • John Napier's Rooster
    • Doubling pennies and calculating exponents
    • Towers of Hannoi
    • Read Chapter 10: The Vorpal Sword
    • Square numbers
    • Prime numbers
    • Fibonacci Sequence
    • Relativity and time dilation
    • Acrostic poems
    • Read Chapter 11: Two Great Powers
    • Book Club Finishing Party with Prizes!

      Thanks for joining us.  I can't wait to read your comments!

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