Monday, July 11, 2016

Reviews for Math and Magic in Wonderland

Some wonderful reviews have started coming in for "Math and Magic in Wonderland".  Please check out the reviews and follow these fantastic blogs:

"Puns, poetry, and plenty of puzzles. Tangrams, tessellations, truth-tellers and liars. History tidbits and many classics of recreational mathematics. 
No matter how challenging the topic, the book never talks down to the reader."
Review from Denise Gaskins, author of "Let's Play Math":

"Math & Magic in Wonderland is not just a book – it is a journey you find yourself hoping doesn’t end. 
I found myself up late at night, hiding on my bathroom floor and working out math problems on paper."
Review from Stacy, homeschool blogger at "Three Busy Bees":

"I love that my daughter had two smart, positive female role models to work alongside in her quest to solve Mrs. Magpie’s riddles."
Review from Ginny and her daughter at "Not So Formulaic":

There's still time to purchase "Math and Magic in Wonderland" for next month's Book Club / Math Circle:


  1. I never really liked maths and hated studying it in my childhood. For those who need help on maths, go and get Math & Magic in Wonderland. I'm sure it will be great use!

  2. Magic in the wonderland is a good and very informative book. Its very helpful for students as well as teachers. Such helping books should be introduced for helping new commers.


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