Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Duct Tape Fashion Top

This isn't a new project, but I really wanted to share it.  A couple months ago, L (age 6.5), who is a little fashionista, asked me if she could sew herself a dress.  I wasn't quite ready to get all my sewing things out, so we decided to make it out of colorful duct tape.  L has watched Project Runway with me on occasion and was very excited for her own "unconventional materials challenge".  We winged it rather than following instructions, and it was actually quite easy.  Here are the steps we took...

First, we made a sort of fabric by overlapping layers of the tape.  This was fairly simple, but gummed up our scissors.

When the "fabric" was complete, L put sticky velcro dots on the edge of her garment (instead of trying to sew in a zipper).

To add a little flair, L took little squares of duct tape (cut by Mom, whose hand was sore and full of blisters by now), and folded them to make a type of fringe, which can be stuck right onto the outfit.  We were planning on making an entire skirt with these, but I was able to convince L to let it be a fashion top instead of a dress, so we only added a single layer of "fringe".

After adding straps and making a matching bracelet, this is the finished product.  Cute, huh?

L is very proud of her creation and still occasionally wears her duct tape shirt to fancy teddy bear tea parties.

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