Thursday, September 4, 2014

Miss Rumphius - Painting Lupine Flowers

Nothing makes a picture book more fun than letting the kids do a special activity related to the story.  After reading Miss Rumphius a book by Barbara Cooney about a woman who plants Lupines to make the world more beautiful, the girls painted their own Lupine flowers.  Here's what we did...

First, I invited the kids to make observations about the Lupines from both the illustrations in the book and from photographs I pulled up on my computer: What colors do they come in?  What shape are the flowers?  What shape are the leaves?

The girls used markers to draw the stem and leaves first. Their favorite part, of course was using cotton swabs to paint the flowers.  They didn't quite get the cone shape down, but the results were still beautiful (and I love how each child has her own style even when they are painting the same objects):


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