Friday, June 27, 2014

Cooking with Kids: Crepes {France Learning Unit}

In our study of France in Homeschool Kindergarten, the kids and I made crepes.  It was a great Montessori-style practical life activity with plenty of fine motor skills work.  Here's what we did...

I didn't have a crepe recipe, so I used gluten free pancake mix and added extra liquids to make it thinner (actually the kids put in all the ingredients except the eggs).

After I fried up the crepes, the girls enjoyed spreading them with jam (fresh fruit is a healthier alternative)...

... and rolling them up.  Afterwards, I asked them to give me the instructions for making crepes in order: mix, fry, spread, roll, eat.. great for sequential thinking!

Of course this sugary treat was a big hit.  To tie it to our study of France, I threw in some French words as we were cooking.  Bon appetit!

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