Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pond Life Theme in Homeschool Kindergarten

We completed this mini-unit about pond life earlier this school-year in Homeschool Kindergarten, but I totally forgot to post about it.  After reading some books about the various animals that live in ponds, the twins had a chance to make some cute crafts which I'd love to share...
The first book we read was Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan.  It's a cute story that features a fly, fish, frog, snake, and turtle eating each other.

Then the kids made their own little turtle crafts.  They traced a plate for the shell and decorated it with colored tissue paper.  I cut out the head, legs, and tail for them and they glued it all together.  This project can also be made to look more three dimensional by cutting a slit in the shell and then stapling it back together in a shallow cone shape.

For math, the kids colored pond scenes and then had to answer arithmetic questions about the picture.  On a totally unrelated note, it's strange seeing old pictures of my girls with long hair (they are sporting pixie-cuts right now). 

Next we read about ducklings and made a duck craft:

This wasn't a very elaborate unit, but the kids had a lot of fun learning about pond life and engaging in a variety of hands-on activities.

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