Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY Lego Table for Under $30

I totally forgot to share this little DIY project when I made it back in November.  This homemade Lego table was ridiculously easy to make, and the price-tag of under $30 provides huge savings over the $70-$100+ Lego tables that are out there.  Here's what I did...


IKEA LACK Side Table - $7.99 (on sale, I think the usual price is $9.99)
Lego Green 10x10 Building Plates (from Amazon) - $4.99 x4
Elmer's White Glue
Extra Lego Bricks to hold the plates together

I researched homemade Lego table instructions online before I started the project and I was really worried about which adhesive to use.  I sure was relieved when my husband said that regular white glue should work fine - and it did!  It actually worked really well because any glue that spilled out of the sides could easily be washed or peeled away and I don't think that would have been the case with stronger adhesives.  I didn't even measure anything out, just connected the four plates using Lego bricks (this part is important to get the spacing correct), spread glue all over the back and pressed it down onto the table, eyeballing it to make sure it looks centered.... and voila!

This Lego table has been used every single day since I put it together.  Here's a picture of what's currently on the table, but we've used it for all sorts of creations and even with Duplo for my 2-year old.  My only regret is that the girls don't have a bigger bedroom or I would have made an even larger table..  Lots of fun!


  1. I love cheap DIY! LEGOs are much loved at my house. Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

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