Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Releasing Our Butterflies

Last month we had the delightful experience of raising our own caterpillars and observing their amazing transformation into butterflies.  Releasing our ten Painted Lady butterflies out into the world created some magical moments for the girls..

We took our butterfly habitat out on the deck and observed the butterflies.  They didn't seem very anxious to fly out into the world, so after almost an hour of waiting (with very anxious preschoolers), I let the kids let the butterflies climb onto their hands so they could help release them.

 This was such a special experience for the girls.

The looks on their faces as the butterflies that we had raised from tiny caterpillars spread their wings and took flight were priceless.

Of course throughout this entire project, we read a lot of books about the butterfly life cycle and supplemented with butterfly puzzles, artwork, videos, and other activities (which I forgot to take pictures of).  The girls really felt connected with this hands-on science opportunity, and we'll probably be repeating it next year.

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