Monday, March 4, 2013

Sorting Art Cards {Fancy Nancy at the Museum}

Like yesterday's selection, today's book is a vocabulary-builder as well: Fancy Nancy at the Museum by Jane O'Connor.  The Fancy Nancy books are early readers so they aren't literary classics by any means, but my girls (3.5 years old) enjoy them a lot.  In this story, Nancy goes to the art museum on a class field trip.  After an eventful bus ride, the class finally gets to the museum where they are shown the difference between portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings.  Our activity expanded on this concept, as the girls sorted art cards..

The kids have done this activity before and they are getting good at it.  I used cards from our Art Brainbox game but we've used art postcards in the past, as well.  It's really simple - I pulled out a couple cards from each of the categories mentioned in the book (portrait, still life, and landscape) and then had the girls sort them.  It's a great introduction to fine art - usually after the sorting is done, we look at the paintings and discuss them.

This post is part of my celebration of National Reading Month.  Every day this month we will be doing an activity based on a different children's book.  For updates, check back to Learners in Bloom or 'like' us on Facebook...

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