Monday, March 25, 2013

Apple Peanut Butter Crunch Snacks for Kids

My kids absolutely love snacks that they can make themselves, and this apple peanut butter crunch do-it-yourself snack fits the bill perfectly!  It's really simple, fun, and tasty.  Here's how we made it..

I added some Montessori practical life activities to the snack to make it an even better experience.  The girls helped me put honey-nut Chex cereal in a Ziplock bag and then use a kid-sized rolling pin to crush it into crumbs.

Then they used their special kid knives to cut cubes of apples after I had peeled and sliced them into flatter pieces (no photo of this since I was busy supervising the kids with the knives).

The girls helped me place all the elements on their trays - peanut butter, apple pieces, and cereal crumbs.  To eat this snack, they put their forks into an apple piece, dip it in the peanut butter and then dip it into the cereal:

It wasn't only fun to eat, but also quite tasty.  Even E, who doesn't always like apples, ate every single thing on her plate.

I made my own adult version by dipping larger apple slices in peanut butter and then coating with the cereal:

I think I've found a new favorite snack for myself, as well!

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  1. This is great!! My 3 yr old will love this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun food is the best :) I love that they can assemble it themselves!

  3. The child-sized rolling pin to crush the cereal is such a good idea! I love all the ways you incorporated practical life skills. So simple and fun, and looks delicious!

  4. This looks delicious and something my daughter will really enjoy! But is it bad that i'm thinking how good it will taste with chocolate spread instead of PB? I'm definitely going to try this with my 2yo :-) x


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