Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Picture Pie

The other day, L (3.5) and I played with Ed Emberley's Picture Pie book and made our own unique artwork using pieces cut from circles.  It was a fun math/art activity that used lots of fine motor skills like tracing, folding, cutting, and gluing.  Check it out...

First, L traced around a cup to make circles.  I cut the circles out for her, but then it was her job to cut them into halves, thirds, fourths, etc..


Both her folding and cutting (straight) skills have improved so much.

I jumped in, as well, and soon we had a whole collection of "pie pieces" in different colors.  I took the opportunity to demonstrate how the fractions fit together to make whole "pies":

We flipped through the Picture Pie book to get ideas.  There are step by step instructions for making birds, critters, flowers, etc.. using the pie pieces, but L wanted to make something original.

Armed with a glue-stick, L worked on her creation...

Isn't it wonderful?

Mommy had some fun playing around too..


It really was a neat activity using all sorts of fine motor skills, spatial mathematical reasoning, and creativity.  We had enough pie pieces left for more crafting, so we'll be repeating this again soon.

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