Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby School - In and Out / On and Off

Baby H is 14 months old.  He is now walking around unassisted (he's not a baby anymore!), and is constantly imitating sounds and trying to communicate.  He makes up his own funny games to play and has a wonderful sense of humor (constantly trying to play tricks on his mom and then laughing).  I didn't do a special theme this week, but tried to give him lots of opportunities for practicing "in and out" and "on and off".  He's definitely trying to say those words (although they all sound alike).  Here are just a few of the things he's been doing that I remembered to take pictures of..

He likes putting toys into various containers, bowls, and pots, as he says 'in' and then mixing them up with a spoon.  I remember his older sisters would spend hours 'cooking' with pots and pans when they were little (and at 3 years old they still do!).

Muffin trays are the perfect size for practicing one-to-one-correspondence with plastic balls.


I've been taking out toys that let H practice his "on/off" stacking skills.

This homemade baby game uses a $1 plastic bag dispenser with some silk scarves in it to practice putting the scarves in the top and pulling them out through the holes.

The latest thing we've been doing to practice "on and off" is providing H with shoes to try to put on his feet and a variety of hats to try placing on his head.  He's getting pretty good with the hats (and especially likes putting them on other people's heads).  It'll be a while before he's able to put shoes on by himself, but he tries.

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