Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter Gourds Autumn Table Decoration

A little glitter goes a long way in making ordinary objects look more festive.  This autumn/Thanksgiving centerpiece is ridiculously easy to make, but really looks beautiful (I don't think the photos captured it well, so you'll have to take my word for it).  As a bonus, my 3-year-olds were able to create it pretty much by themselves.  Here's how it's done...


There's really not much to explain - paint gourds and pumpkins with glitter glue, let them dry, and put them into a decorative bowl for gorgeous table display for Thanksgiving or fall.  This activity was definitely a crowd-pleaser at my house - when my kids, who adore anything sparkly, heard that we were going to paint with glitter glue, they cheered and danced around the room.

Here's another picture of the final creation:

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  1. Glitter is just SO lovely. Makes everything, well, so sparkly :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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