Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discovery Bottles for Baby H

I wanted L and E (3) to make Baby H some presents for his 1st birthday so they would feel included rather than jealous.  They made these great Discovery Bottles for him.  I didn't share this post earlier, because I was planning on making them cooler by adding some glitter (and wanted to include photos of the results), but I haven't had time to pick up the glitter.  The process of creating these gifts was a good fine-motor activity for H's older sisters...

Filling the bottles with small plastic frogs, beads, and balls of tin foil took a lot of concentration and was an entertaining activity by itself.

Then the girls learned how a funnel can be used to pour liquids into small openings:

We also added oil into the bottles and the girls observed that the oil layer always stays on top of the water.

The final step was to add some food coloring and shake:

We took the opportunity to do some color mixing (red+yellow=orange, blue+red=purple).  The final results don't look spectacular (which is why I wanted to add some glitter for additional interest), but they really are fun to play with:

Baby H had a good time rolling the bottles around and examining the contents (after I add the glitter, I will seal the lids with duct tape to prevent any accidents):

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