Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tricycle Reading Game

For the twins' 3rd birthdays, they each received adorable tricycles from my parents.  They've been happily riding them in a loop through the living room and kitchen every day (and are getting fantastically good at turning the tight corners!).  Since the girls (especially L) are demonstrating a 'sweet spot' for phonics at the moment, I reinforced what we've been learning by creating this game for them...

The girls will do their usual loop around the house on their tricycles, and when they get to a certain point, I'll set up a word for them.  They need to stop and sound out the letters of the word before they can keep going.  L is really good at both sounding out the letters and combining them to form the word, and E is wonderful with the letter sounds but requires me to blend the letters for her so she knows the word.  Both girls absolutely love this game, probably because it involves their tricycles.  We've played it four days in a row now, and they never want to stop.  I find myself saying things like "you can only read two more words, and then we have to go to bed" (what Mom doesn't love telling her kids that!). 

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